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Presented by Andrea Myers- Miller, BA, RN, BScN, Fertility Coach
How My Clients With Infertility Conceive Naturally

The 4-Step Blueprint that Helps Couples Achieve Pregnancy
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In this FREE training you’ll discover:
  • ONE surprising reason why most infertility diagnoses are incorrect.

  • The hidden factor that holds women back from conceiving.

  • The easiest way to manipulate the gene code in your favor and boost fertility potential- beats expensive genetic testing.

  • ​How to conceive your child without draining your bank account or starting a crowdfunding campaign.

  • ​How a mindset reset can help you cope with infertility stress and breakthrough obstacles to pregnancy.

About your host
Andrea is a Registered Nurse, fertility coach and has almost 20 years of experience in the health and wellness space. She is passionate about helping others achieve optimal health in all aspects of life.

Andrea’s own journey with infertility nearly brought her to her knees. When she couldn’t get answers she needed from medical professionals regarding her fertility situation, she sought out the answers herself. Based on the research she found, she formulated and implemented a plan which resulted in a successful pregnancy just three (3) months after her and her spouse were given a devastating prognosis about their ability to conceive on their own. Her experience with infertility lead her to create the Pregnancy Achieved™ Program, with the goal of helping couples optimize their fertility potential and conceive a healthy baby... on their own. Andrea wants people in the same situation to know that an infertility diagnosis is not always written in stone, and can change.
This masterclass is for women who want to conceive naturally, maintain their sanity while trying to get pregnant, and have a healthy baby!
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